Friday, May 31, 2013

Hazel Atlas Apple at Home

It is almost summer, not autumn, but I found a lovely yellow apple.  It is the salad bowl size from the Hazel Atlas Apple Line.  You might remember the pattern from my place a few years ago.
It is already proving its usefulness by keeping my pencil from rolling off of the table.  I don't believe I have shared that draw.  For years folks have been suggesting that I publish embroidery patterns.  Maybe that can be a new Texas adventure.  Until then my apple and I will just keep having fun.

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Quilted Tea Cup Hot Pads and a Bit of Vintage Fun

This pair of tea cup hot pads was for Mom.  The flower fabric reminds me of the drifts of roadside wildflowers here in the Texas area.  The blossoms are wrong, but the colors and airiness are right.  One of the nightgowns I recently made is of this fabric, and is trimmed with the orange bias tape that is on the handles.
What I really want to share with you today is this wonderful vintage hanky.  It is amazing, because the edge is applied.  For those of you who do not sew, that means another layer of fabric was added on top, and the edges were folded back to be sewn down with the teeny, tiniest stitches imaginable.

  Adding the shapes in the corners is simply mind boggling.  It would be very had for me to do all four corners to match.  The petals on the flowers are so very, very tiny!  I could embroider them easily, but never have I attempted applique that small.  Have you?
Do you want to know a secret?  This one year break from my shop to get us settled here in Texas is driving me bonkers.  The plan was made for good reasons, and it is working really well.  It is just that this absence of constantly finding and funning with vintage goodies is driving me nuts.

Before I open up again I need to check the Texas small business laws, find a good venue for hunting down vintage goodies in Texas, and possibly change the name of the shop.  
I am going to let myself do some small stuff, so that I do not go completely insane.  The Texas Ware Sun Plate is listed, because I decided I want more blue where I was going to put it.  Last week I did find some fabulous designer hankies for the shop.  I will share them with you as soon as they are laundered.

I guess when you really love something, you just cannot stop doing it.  What would be unable to stop doing?

Monday, May 20, 2013

Quilted Coffee Cup Pot Holders

Too Busy To Blog.  I know, it's unbelievable!

Projects have been multiplying around here like bunnies.  I am so busy crafting and sewing, that I am forgetting to share them.  These coffee cups were "put on the shelf", at least their photos were, in order to wait for Mother's Day to pass.  We would not want to ruin any surprises.

That's right, you guessed it.  They are hot pads with handy handles for hanging.  Go ahead, say that five times really fast.
You might recognize the fabric from the baby quilt in April.  When fabrics are this yummy I want to use up every bit.  This colorful pair were for a gal whose cheerful outlook and positive attitude brighten any day.
Most quilted hot pad patterns you find have edges bound with bias tape.  I wanted to slip the handles in the edge though, so I turned them like a pillow case, and slid the double layer of heat resistant batting in afterwards.
Those of you who quilt will know what this is.  I love these miniature patchwork squares in the seams on the reverse side of pieced fabric.  They are like the little tiny wildflowers that hide in the grass.

I have also sewn three new nightgowns trying three different patterns.  For the first time I made a purchased, printed pattern item that actually fits!  There is way too much fun going on here in Texas.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

May Basket Pouch with Crochet and Quilting

A Tisket a Tasket, a Green and Yellow Basket!
Each corner of this crocheted doily has a real little bitty May Basket to last all year long.
This is one of the few scraps I brought to Texas.  It was definitely worth the trip and the wait.