Thursday, April 25, 2013

Blue Bonnets as Far as the Eye Can See

Blue Bonnets have become my favorite wildflower. Queen Anne's Lace has been my favorite for years, but I cannot resist these beauties.
I have been wanting to see fields of Blue Bonnets, so Hubby being the nice guy he is, took Little Miss and I to the Ennis Blue Bonnet Festival. It is a nice little town with a charming museum in the old train depot. What is really great though, are the surrounding fields of Blue Bonnets in the spring.

Folks said that Indian Paintbrush flowers and Blue Bonnets were made for each other, and they were absolutely right.
Just the other day I found two Texas wildflower books at the library. Now I can find out what these little purple charmers are.
I love cows! We felt so at home with the cows, the old train depot museum, and the polka festival.
Mama Cow is not amused. What are those birds? Aunt J will know!

It was good to just take the day off, and meander around the countryside. I can honestly say that I do not miss driving through it every day, but it sure is nice to visit.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Crocheted Trim Means I Really Love this Kid

Crocheted trim on blankets is one of those projects that need to be labeled "looks simple, but takes forever".  

I know of five different ways to attach crocheted trim to a fabric project, and I tried two new ones on these receiving blankets.  The paisley one used an embroidered chain stitch foundation, and the cat one used a crochet chain stitch foundation.  I think to really figure out which I like better it would be best to test them on thinner fabric like a cotton pillowcase or napkin.  The nice plush flannel made it a lot more work.  The next time I do a thicker fabric I am going to sew the crocheted trim on after it is made, which is one of the five techniques I mentioned.

It was worth the effort though!  

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Won't You Be My Neighbor? Llama neighbor that is.

The Dallas area is full of surprises.  Where else can you cross over the six lane highway by your house and have a llama ranch next to a school?

The ranch was obviously here first, because it is on both sides of the large road we live on.  This fellow is definitely the "alpha male", or female.  (Hey, I am too busy trying to get a good photo without blocking traffic in order to find out.)

He is busy strutting his stuff by the fence while everyone else lounges under the trees.  Being the boss is definitely not all it is cracked up to be.

On a homier note.  Did you notice I mentioned another baby project?  It is in the post, but I have to wait until my sister gets it before I can show you, my blogging peeps.  

I feel like the llama stalking my email to see word that it arrived in Utah.  Pace back and forth, back and forth...

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Ever Blooming Crocheted Tulips

"Dear D" was in the mood for crocheted tulips, so I made her some.
Red is her color, and the turquoise makes me think of her collection of vintage quilts.  It sure would be nice to see photos of her latest acquisition, hint, hint.

I am going to toy with making a crochet tulip blossom pattern that is not so long when I am done with my latest baby girl project.  If it works out I will let you know.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Color did not stop even if Blogger did

Colorful things were going on around here during the time Blogger was not working.  Here are two of my favorites.
We inherited this chair from dear neighbors.  It was such a light blue, that whenever I asked a child to go get me the blue chair, they had no idea what I was talking about.  "Oh, thaaaat chair." 

I am a problem solver!  Of course the kids are teenagers now, and they remember which one I am referring to.  Better late than never though!
My sister adopted a wee little baby girl, so I whipped up a cheerful quilt for her.   I always make a point of making girl baby gifts NOT pink.  As much as I adore pink, a mother can only take so much.

"Whipped up" makes it sound so easy.  Our oldest was my virtual shoulder to cry on when I realized, too late, that fabric width has been reduced on the bolts for sale at JoAnn's.  Is it this way everywhere?  My goal of working through my stash made it so I have not had to by an exact amount of fabric for a quilt for almost a couple of years now.

The good news is that I used up most of my stash just in time to move to Texas.  Fabric is heavy to move!

Those of you near and dear to me can have photos of our new Eveleen.  Just let me know in the comments, or email me.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Rocket Into Spring

Spring here in Texas is FABULOUS!
I pumped up the colors on this sign a bit.  We all need a bit of extra oomph once in a while.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Hello Finally

I was afraid that I would never get to let you all know that I have not forgotten you.  Blogger is having issues again, and this is the first time I have been able to post since April third. Almost two weeks!  Let's hope this means the issue is fixed.

That is the good news.  The sad news is the final and ultimate demise of my dear, dear camera.  This is the last photo from it that was salvageable.
I am so thankful that Little Miss is sharing her little camera with me.  Busy colorful things have been going on here in Texas, and she is making it possible for me to share them with you.  What a gal!

This honey pot is one that I have wanted since they first came out, and I was able to thrift a brand spanking new one.  I was so afraid of dropping it that I did not do a happy dance.

These are my first two crocheted Easter Eggs.  They are so cheerful, that I  cannot put them away yet.
Happy Colors to You!  
Hopefully I will be able to "see you soon".

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Little Miss Marker Movie

Source for Photo and VHS
Why, why, why has nobody told me about Little Miss Marker before now?  Thanks to Netflix we were able to watch it, and we all loved it.    It is a hoot!
Photo Source (before editing)
Seriously, Walter Matthau AND Julie Andrews?!  They are too, too adorable for words.
Even the little munchkin is cute, and I am not one of those folks who goes gooey over kids in movies.  Maybe it is because she is well behaved.  I absolutely adore well behaved children.  

Anyways, this charming movie is definitely on my Christmas Wish List.  Got that Hubby?!

Monday, April 1, 2013

Blue Bonnets in our Neighborhood

The Texas state flower is the Blue Bonnet.  Did Lady Bird Johnson come to mind when you saw this?  I have always wanted to see some Blue Bonnets.  
Imagine my surprise when they started blooming on our way to school.  I looked them up online, and found that our highway is one of the best public places to see them.

Lucky Us!