Monday, May 20, 2013

Quilted Coffee Cup Pot Holders

Too Busy To Blog.  I know, it's unbelievable!

Projects have been multiplying around here like bunnies.  I am so busy crafting and sewing, that I am forgetting to share them.  These coffee cups were "put on the shelf", at least their photos were, in order to wait for Mother's Day to pass.  We would not want to ruin any surprises.

That's right, you guessed it.  They are hot pads with handy handles for hanging.  Go ahead, say that five times really fast.
You might recognize the fabric from the baby quilt in April.  When fabrics are this yummy I want to use up every bit.  This colorful pair were for a gal whose cheerful outlook and positive attitude brighten any day.
Most quilted hot pad patterns you find have edges bound with bias tape.  I wanted to slip the handles in the edge though, so I turned them like a pillow case, and slid the double layer of heat resistant batting in afterwards.
Those of you who quilt will know what this is.  I love these miniature patchwork squares in the seams on the reverse side of pieced fabric.  They are like the little tiny wildflowers that hide in the grass.

I have also sewn three new nightgowns trying three different patterns.  For the first time I made a purchased, printed pattern item that actually fits!  There is way too much fun going on here in Texas.


  1. oh! These are really cute! Your choice in colors still astounds me - you are soooo good at it! Glad you are enjoying your move - miss our coffee time, but am happy for you! Doing Projects makes me happy too - totally understand!! We have been doing outdoor projects and finished planting the garden on Friday - yahoo!

  2. Those are SOOO CUTE! I love them!!


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