Thursday, February 21, 2013

Fountain Fun

My heart garland is finally up!  It was not for Valentine's Day, but for the Christmas Tree.  It has been waiting patiently to be starched.  
We have been too busy running around having fun for me to sit and starch it.
The Dallas area is full of fountains.  Dallas even has a fountain park.  I have decided to find all of them!  

This one is at a shopping center.  When you purchase a book at Half Price Books you can read it in the lovely little park area the fountain is in.
These little guys are in the zoo.  They deserve a better photograph to show the water squirting out of the top trunk.

The quality of my photos is down, because I am borrowing one while ours is broken.  At least I have one to borrow!

Today it is raining, so the whole sky is a fountain.  You folks stay warm and dry!


  1. The heart garland is so pretty! I love fountains, how fun to have a fountain park :)

  2. You (and your hubs) look great, Mary! Texas looks good on you! Love the bag and your scarf. The heart garland is pretty as well.


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