Friday, February 22, 2013

Where is the package?

Since we were not really familiar with the Dallas area yet, I mail ordered some items when we moved here instead of spending time and gas money running around to get them. Sounds easy right?
My order from JCPenney ended up with two packages. I received a note in our mailbox that UPS could not deliver our package, because the address was incorrect. Wait a minute, how did they get the post card to me then? Apparently they have a system with the USPS (post office, love the similar letters), that they give them a partial address to finish in order to mail the cards. What ever.

I usually only pick up our mail twice a week when I do laundry at the laundromat a block away by our mailbox. By the time they tried to deliver it, and I got the card the expiration date on the card had expired.
I called JCPenney to explain what happened and explain that the correct address was on my receipt from ordering. The gal told me it went back to the warehouse and would be remailed. She was so nice. Except! The one package with only one item was lost, and it was the very, very last one of its kind ever. (This is an item my mother has been buying for thirty-five years, and I have been for twenty-four.) Fine, she refunded all of the shipping, and the amount for the discontinued item.

We waited, and waited, and waited some more.
Low and behold the missing package ends up in my mailbox with the correct address a week after talking to her. I get to keep it for free after having made a purchase to replace it already. Fine.

We are still waiting for the remailed one, but everything is fixed making me feel confident enough to place another order. When I go to pay for it there is my Wisconsin address, and no credit card on file. Sigh. Being positive, and apparently stupid, I go ahead and reenter it all to make a purchase. Of course the receipt comes back with my Wisconsin address on it for billing. I am not a complete fool I placed the order to be picked up at the store, so the address was only for billing. Since I already paid with a credit card, and a bill would never be mailed I almost left it. My conscience made me place a call to correct it.
While I am on hold! (You did not think it would end that easily did you?) While I am on hold a call comes through from a man I do not know. "Is this Mary Wald?" "Why yes. Who is this?"

THIS is the man who received my remailed package, and was kind enough to open it to look for a number to call before giving it back to the post office. An address label had been slapped over the correct address label with the name and address of a woman who died fifteen years ago. 

 I can't make up stuff this bizarre!
Fifteen years ago he bought his house from a woman liquidating her mother's estate. Her mother who had just died was named Mary Wald. Hey, at least this time it was the right town.  Some of our mail is going to Plano.

Of course I hung up on the JCPenney phone system to go get it. Only to find an email when I came back that the order I had just placed was refused, because the credit card did not exist. The credit card they approved just that morning, and I had used to pay for the item in my hand.
Needless to say, I am going to let that order disappear into never never land. 
 I guess I get to go shopping this afternoon.  

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  1. what's that thing you've bought for years and years?


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