Sunday, February 17, 2013

New Dahlia Doily Pattern

Good Morning!
Here is my new doily pattern, "Dahlia". It is about nine inches across.  Designing different sizes sounded like fun, but I went and started on something else before I even drew the chart for this one.  

A dear friend gave me a basket full of colorful crochet thread  before we left Wisconsin.  It is so much fun!  I am so busy bopping around here in Texas, that I am doing a lot less handwork.  These little projects still fit in my purse for five minutes here and there though.  You never know what will  be in my Daisy Bag.

The leaves on the packet of Basil Seeds is actually printed with a turquoise tinge in them making it look even more festive.  The lettuce seeds are started, and the Basil ones will be planted this week.  We are going to have an herb garden in pots.  Yummy!  

What are you crocheting and growing?

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  1. Great colors in your dahlia! The herb garden sounds wonderful. I'm trying to keep the primrose alive in its pot until spring. Other than that, as far as what I'm growing, does the hair on my legs count? ;)


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