Saturday, February 23, 2013

Randomness including a Duck with a Do

This Dudley the Duck with a Do.  Does anyone know what kind of duck this is?  I was trying to take a photo of our local egret, but the other ducks scared it off.  It takes more than a flock taking flight to ruffle Dudley's feathers though.
What do you see when you see in the center when parked at the end of a highway cloverleaf?  Why, I spy a sunbathing cat of course!  
Vintage signs from the fifties are all over the place around here.  I love them!  I am going to start collecting photos of them like the fountain photos.  Don't worry, I park the car first.

Some of them have a place of honor like this one, and others are neglected relics.  

YOU have a Sunny Day, and don't forget to look around.  The world is full of wonder and wonderful things.

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