Monday, June 3, 2013

Egyptian Hankies by Mary Lewis - Yes Way!

I promised you first peek at the designer hankies I found last month.  See that designer name under the Egyptian Cat?  These are two Mary Lewis Egyptian Mosaic Hankies.  Two colorways!
Does anyone remember those Doublemint Gum adds?  "Double the Fun"!  Hello Nerfertiti.
I tried to find more information on the designer,  Mary Lewis, but there was not much to be had online.  If any of you know of a source let me know please.  
Maybe we can find our what inspired her fabulous Egyption theme done Roman style.  Did she watch "Cleopatra" with Elizabeth Taylor?  Now I am in the mood to watch it.  The costumes alone are worth watching.
Who gets to pick these colors?  That is a job I would love.  
This pair will be in the shop soon.  Here is a little birdie to let you know that I changed the name of my shop.  Instead of Mom Wald's Place it is now Mary Wald's Place.  
Change is Good!

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