Friday, June 14, 2013

Vintage Tins Making Themselves at Home

I was in the mood for some vintage color, and did I ever get it.  I was able to find not just one, but five vintage English tins.
Three of them have already found homes.  Us girls get to keep two of them.  Our bathroom has the sink area separate from the stool and tub, so we call it our "beauty counter".
Why grab your cotton balls out of a bag when you can have a fabulous Wedgwood inspired vintage tin hold them?
Grab these and an old movie, and you are all set for the perfect manicure.  

Unless you are a teenager.  Then you need glitter, but that is an entirely different blog post.  Maybe I will find a disco ball.


  1. I have that same tin shown in your first photo. Bought it at a thrift shop in Michigan. :) Your collection is very pretty. Have a great day! Tammy

  2. Too fun! I love the manicure idea! However, since I love sci-fi and action manicures probably wouldn't turn out very well - Hee!!


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