Saturday, June 8, 2013

Emerald Crest Fenton Compote is a Dream Come True

An Emerald Crest Compote by Fenton.  I have been wanting a piece of Emerald Crest for ages.  It looks like
ribbon candy!
There is a little monochromatic decorating going on.  It was not planned, and a little goes a  long way.  No one can tell green is one of my favorite colors. 

Now I just need to fill it with candy.  Oooh, maybe pastel green butter mints.  


  1. So pretty! I found a piece in the goodwill once for less then $1, it made my day!

  2. Oh, how pretty! I've never seen emerald crest milk glass before! It really is the perfect piece to sit on that green table. (I love green, too.)


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