Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Crocheted Trim Means I Really Love this Kid

Crocheted trim on blankets is one of those projects that need to be labeled "looks simple, but takes forever".  

I know of five different ways to attach crocheted trim to a fabric project, and I tried two new ones on these receiving blankets.  The paisley one used an embroidered chain stitch foundation, and the cat one used a crochet chain stitch foundation.  I think to really figure out which I like better it would be best to test them on thinner fabric like a cotton pillowcase or napkin.  The nice plush flannel made it a lot more work.  The next time I do a thicker fabric I am going to sew the crocheted trim on after it is made, which is one of the five techniques I mentioned.

It was worth the effort though!  


  1. Those are soooo pretty!! :) I love them!

  2. Heck yeah it was!!!! They are so wonderful! And roomy. They're just the right size, a wee bit bigger than the prebought "swaddle" blankets. I was tempted to hang the kitty one on Evaleen's wall, but I needed to use it. to not stain it, and hang it later! :) Thank you so much *heart*


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