Thursday, April 25, 2013

Blue Bonnets as Far as the Eye Can See

Blue Bonnets have become my favorite wildflower. Queen Anne's Lace has been my favorite for years, but I cannot resist these beauties.
I have been wanting to see fields of Blue Bonnets, so Hubby being the nice guy he is, took Little Miss and I to the Ennis Blue Bonnet Festival. It is a nice little town with a charming museum in the old train depot. What is really great though, are the surrounding fields of Blue Bonnets in the spring.

Folks said that Indian Paintbrush flowers and Blue Bonnets were made for each other, and they were absolutely right.
Just the other day I found two Texas wildflower books at the library. Now I can find out what these little purple charmers are.
I love cows! We felt so at home with the cows, the old train depot museum, and the polka festival.
Mama Cow is not amused. What are those birds? Aunt J will know!

It was good to just take the day off, and meander around the countryside. I can honestly say that I do not miss driving through it every day, but it sure is nice to visit.


  1. Sounds like a very nice day! I love your pictures - those blue bonnets are beautiful

  2. Those are very beautiful flowers. :)

  3. I can certainly understand why the bluebonnets are your favorites. That blue, spread across the field like a carpet, is amazing!

  4. The birds are cattle egrets. I LOVE the fields of bluebonnets -- what a treat to get to live by them!

  5. We always called them cow birds. :) I was probably in college before I knew what they were! The purple flower is a wild verbena, right?


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