Friday, March 22, 2013

Colorful Furniture

The last post with my bags had a smidgen of our wood bench showing in the corner.  It is our wood bench, because  Hubby made it to hold firewood.  For years it has been handy up north, but with its new lighter duties I thought it needed a new color.  We are all getting a makeover!  Little Miss painted it for us.  She is handy too!
This table is my first piece of vintage furniture found in Texas.  I have been wanting a mock Bamboo piece to paint this shade of green for years and years.  It is a nice solid piece made by Drexel.  The burned in trademark is so neat I painted around it inside the drawer.

It was actually refinished a few weeks ago, but I was holding out for my camera to work again.  I have been fiddling and tweaking ever since then to get it to take photos.  Yay, it has worked for two whole days!

This is my new night stand, and I am rather thrilled.  
The nifty opalescent dish by Tiara is from a dear online friend, and if you have visited my old blog you probably recognize my Moonstone bowl.  They are two of the few pieces that traveled with us.
Another Texas first!  My first vintage jewelry in Texas.  Three Bakelite bangles.  Not one, not two, but three!
Why have a plain basket when you can have a colorful one? Seriously, why?  "Why would you choose orange?" is probably what "Dear D" is asking.  
I was inspired by a vintage towel.  More birds "Dear J"!
More Pork?!  If you want a laugh look this fellow up online.  There are plenty of video and audio clips.  What a hoot!  (I had to, and I am not one bit sorry.)

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