Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Handmade Bags as Wall Art

Yes, yes, I am a bag lady.  Everything in a bag, and a bag for everything.  I have not made one since we have been in Texas, and I think I am having withdrawal symptoms.

If you want to see a bunch of the bags I have made click bag and bags to visit my old blog.  I never did get around to doing a post about my Copy Cat Bag.  It was made back when I had to go to the photocopy place to make copies of the patterns I wanted from other people's books and magazines.  Every couple of weeks it would be chuck full of books to take.  It has quilted fans, my first letter embroidery,  Sashiko embroidery, and cats!
This is a an embroidery piece I did one day just because I wanted something simple and colorful.  Everybody needs a quickie once in a while. 
Meet our smallest neighbor.  Everybody say "hi" to "Alex the Lizard".  We did not realize she was a giiiirrll, and named her Alexander Graham Bell.  She lives in the phone box.  Hubby says she runs the telephone switchboard for Geico.  We would call her Alexandria, but the lady who lives one door away from the lizard is actually named Alexandria.  Can you imagine the misunderstandings if I started walking by every day baby talking Alexandria?

By the way, those are the stick on "Command Hooks" you see advertised nowadays.  I love them.  They work great as long as you follow the directions perfectly, and do not put them next to a hot stove top.  

By the way, I fixed the comments section, so make sure to say "HI"! 


  1. Love bags as art... so many of them are too pretty to tuck away in a closet! Love your lizard-neighbor. Too cute.

  2. So glad you fixed this! :) Love reading your blog. Makes me miss you less. :) Hugs!


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