Monday, March 18, 2013

Garden Green and Vintage Blue in the Kitchen

I finally remembered to snap a photo in the kitchen.  We have been eating a lot healthier since our move to Texas.  Normally I get so busy I forget the camera until we have eaten it all up.

My collection of varied blue patterned ovenware came to Texas with us.  
Could you tell what that is?  Stuffed zuccini!  Our Farmer's Market has started, and I cannot wait to go this coming Saturday.  Just thinking about it got me in the mood for zuccini.  
 We still have a good stash of basil from the garden last summer.  It smells so good when you crush it.  Here are our seedlings for this year.  The local garden centers are already leaving their basil plants out overnight.  Our seed trays and seedlings stay in the window every night now.  Before I was moving them every evening.  It was worth it.  These little fellas are just full of potential!
Tonight is the first time we will have homegrown lettuce this season in our salad.  In March!  Hubby asked me if these plants were okay.  I told him the name was "golden something or other", and we agreed that we like darker lettuce.  Hey, an excuse to peruse the seed packets again!
Ooops, I almost forgot.  How do you like my vintage linen kitchen towel with the rooster on it?  "Dear D" and I were having a good time going through my stash of vintage towels for the shop before we moved.  I had found a treasure trove of never used ones.  Guess what "D", I kept them ALL!  

Happy times in the kitchen.  What are you all cookin' up?!

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  1. I wouldn't plant lettuce too much later than now! Mine is already going to seed so I know you won't be far behind. It's a whole new gardening world you've entered! :)


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